Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ready to go home

The next candy red job is complete and ready to go back to Minnesota. I'll ship it out tomorrow.

I found some nasty cracking on the head tube so I blasted it clean, welded it up and smoothed it out.

I've finally figured out a process to fill dents under powdercoat kind of like Bondo under paint. There was a pretty good sized dent here I had to repair.

All finished, hand sanded, and two stage powder finish.


  1. That looks great, what kind of machine do you use of powder coating, what kind of process, and is it very big oven cos i see you probably are doing it out of your garage...good job!!

  2. I've got a full blown shop that I do this in. I keep it all in house from media blasting, welding, coating, and polishing.