Friday, December 18, 2009

Ya haven't heard much from me lately

I got kind of bogged down recently. My used 100 dollar engine wound up having half of the number 2 piston missing. It ran but that one cylinder was completely dead and did nothing but pump oil out the tailpipe.

So, I put the 327 in this truck. I had really wanted to save it for my dually, but really, there was no choice if I'm to get this truck done.

The engine swap was relatively straight forward. I've done this a few times before. The only issue were wrong exhaust manifolds and modifying the clutch linkage some. Fortunately, my buddy Michael the Preacher hooked me up with the manifolds I needed. While I was at it, I rebuilt the entire front wiring harness and built all new brake lines front to back.

My mufflers came in yesterday, which is very exciting to me. I ordered them from a guy named Brock. They are hand built Brockman Mellowtone steel packed mufflers. He builds them one at a time and nothing, but nothing, sounds like a steel pack.

Here's a youtube of a pair...

So, I still need to build my exhaust and do the bed wood install and it should be done enough to start driving and working out the little bugs that invariably pop up.

The 327 all in place...

Not to brag, but you won't find a man anywhere more particular about his wiring than me. It's the airplane mechanic in me coming back out after all these years. Everything is new wire, crimped and soldered connections, all covered with heat shrink tubing and sealed up in vintage friction tape (not electrical tape) covering. This stuff takes countless hours.

Pardon the French, but I think this sumbitch is cooler than the back side of the pillow.

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  1. great lookin' truck you've got there! thanks for the Blood Falcons link!