Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shitty day at work

The truck went tango uniform on the freeway. Had to have it towed and switch to a back up truck there in traffic.


  1. That sux... I heard ya'll were wearing the pink shirts... good for you! Hope they get your truck fixed soon...

  2. Funny thing is, it broke on the road in front of city hall. Last night was city council meeting. All of the folks arriving to the meeting got to see the truck broke down. Plus, I was to be at the meeting to accept an award. When they called my name out at the meeting, the boss had to tell everyone that I was out in the street working on the truck with the city mechanic. I bet next time Chief asks for firetruck money, the council is a bit freer with the purse strings.

  3. Now that's irony. I hope they will be a bit more generous next time...