Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm back at it after a little break

I took a week or so off and didn't really do much to the truck. After a little rest, I felt more motivated, so I dove back in.

One little project I did was to work on the cowl panel. In the first picture, notice it has a large antennae hole surrounded by smaller screw holes.

So, I sanded it down and fit a patch into the large hole and welded it into place as well as welding the smaller holes shut. I turned the panel around so you can see where the old holes used to be and see the patch in place. It turned out slick, the picture just makes it look messy.

Then, I spent a few hours with the rubber gloves and paint stripper working on the grille removing the pink paint, and the underlying white, red, and green paint jobs too. I took it to bare metal.

Then I cleaned er up real well and powdercoated it white. It barely fit into my oven. I first thought I'd have to hang it diagonally to get the door shut, but it cleared by about 2 inches per end.

Final product. It is super glossy, but I somehow managed to wash it out of the photo even with a 600 dollar camera. I think my next blog should be about learning to take pictures instead of building old trucks.

Stay tuned, my motivation is back pretty strong so the updates should flow more frequently in the future.

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