Thursday, August 6, 2009

I seem to be getting old

I sit here typing this from in front of the coolerator in the apartment section of the shop. Today is the first time in my life that I got so hot that I began to exhibit classic signs of hyperthermia. I have read about it, seen it back when I ran the ambulance, just never had it. No big deal really, they taught all about the issue in Paramedic school. As soon as I realized what was going on, I cooled it, literally. Lots of water and the coolerator pointing at my head and I'm good as new. The thing is though, I remember all too well when I was 18 running a jack hammer all day long in the bottom of swimming pool holes in July. It was a full 10 degrees hotter then, than today, and much hotter below ground 8 feet where no breeze stirs. I took that like a tough guy. Now, I don't handle it near as well. Next thing you know, I will be eating at Lubys and wear velcro tennis shoes.

I started off today by servicing the transmission and installing a shift kit into it. A shift kit is a bunch of little complicated pieces that you put into an automatic transmission to make it shift more firmly. If you think about the typical car, as you accelerate, the trans just shifts gear after gear until you get up to speed. You never really think about it do you ? Well, a shift kit makes the transmission snap each gear more smartly. It's much better for the transmission's longevity. Most consumers wouldn't tolerate this sort of behavior in a new car. They want seamless shifts. Those smooth shifts are at the expense of your transmission's health. All tow trucks and heavy duty trucks get shift kits because the vehicle is needed to perform hard and shift quality isn't a factor. All of my vehicles get them too.

After that, I coupled the engine to the transmission and dropped them in to the truck. It's not fully secured down yet. That will have to wait until the heat breaks a bit to finish that up.


  1. Are you working inside a building or out in the sun? Sounds like you need a large shop fan.. by the way.

    I have heard all about the body, frame, and motor but not a word about the suspension?

  2. Texas heat can be a killer. Your project is looking better and better everyday. ratrod67