Saturday, July 18, 2009

Got bored. Went out and worked awhile.

I went ahead and started next phase. I took the cab off. Frame is dirty. I've decided to go rent a pressure washer next week and power wash the frame front to back so I can get the paint right. I also decided to go ahead and remove the front suspension again so I can repaint the front frame section. I'm not happy with how the front of the frame looks, so I will prep and re-do it in a different paint, all the way, stem to stern.

I will take the cab to a commercial sand blast place to have it totally stripped in all areas to bare metal. I have a ton of rust repair to do on this cab so I need to get all of the paint layers off to see exactly what needs attention and what is solid.

I'm gonna drive this truck for a lot of years (God willing), so I might as well do it right while I'm this deep into the thing. What's an extra month in the scheme of things right ?

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