Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boredom and being broke combined makes progress

First, let me say, that it appears that I have several folks following my adventures here. As yet, not one person has added a comment to any of my posts. I'd like to hear input, even negative input from folks. I kind if get the idea no one is really reading this drivel at all.

Now, on to today's business,

After the last few weeks building the engine, I am pretty much out of the spending money thing for awhile. Those engine pieces get expensive real fast.

Anyway, I need an air cleaner for this engine and have been mulling over my options. I really want to continue the Corvette theme to go along with the valve covers and 327 engine. So, I spent the morning looking online at different Corvette air cleaners to see what my options are.

I really like the dual snorkel design used on some of the early cars. The snorkel is the tube on the side that all incoming air goes through. Since Vettes were high performance, they needed more air to feed those hungry mills, so GM engineers simply built an air cleaner with an extra snorkel to pass twice the air....

The problem is that they cost 330 dollars. Ouch !

So, I figured to make something similar and save some coin doing it.

I had two old 72 truck single snorkel air cleaners to work with. First, I cut the snorkel off of the worst of the two units by drilling the spot welds out..

Then, I cut an additional breather hole in the other unit and clamped the snorkel into place to check the look...

I liked what I saw, so I went ahead and welded the second snorkel in place.

After that, I bead blasted it to bare metal and powdercoated it in semi gloss black like the original Corvette units were.

Here is the finished product installed onto an old engine I have laying around. I like the look and the cost was zero dollars.

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  1. I really like what you did here...Looks are oem.
    I wonder if factory a/c would prevent the use of this air cleaner? Great job on your work...