Sunday, June 28, 2009

The swap meet Gods were good to me...

I scored some killer deals at the swap meet this weekend. Didn't sell much, but I priced my stuff high anyway I don't mind taking it back home with me.

-Two cherry front fenders for the truck for 80 bucks. Worn original paint, no rust patching needed
-An Edelbrock SB3x intake manifold for the 327 for 40 bucks. It's a killer old school hop-up part made in the mid 60s.
-A real sturdy Wilton US made bench vise for 20 bucks.

and, last but not least, a Pleasure Chest. This has nothing to do with bewbies. A different kind of pleasure chest if you will. Ten bucks...

For the slower students in the class, it's a vintage ice chest. Metal inside and out. Real metal hinges that last, and a drain on the side to empty the melted ice water. I figure it to be from the 60s era. Someone correct me if they know a better time frame for these old things. I'm pretty sure the Chinese shit sold at retail stores nowadays won't fare the test of time as well as this thing has.

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