Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The reason I've been quiet lately

Is that I'm going through a phase of the business where I've got a ton of stuff going on and making some changes.

I have ordered 30 gallons of stripper and a barrel to put it into.

This is going to change things in that I won't be blasting as much anymore. The stripper will do the removal of the old finish and all I'll need to blast for is to give the surface a bit of uniform profile. The stripper is very expensive (basically 15 dollars per gallon when you buy 30 gallons) but it's infinitely reusable. Over time, you might add some to account for evaporation or drippage, but as long as you keep it covered tightly when not in use it should stay put.

I'm also changing powder suppliers on some of my jobs. I've got the account set up and the color rings here.

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