Friday, April 1, 2011

Progress on the dually restoration

The pictures won't wow you, but I have made a lot of progress on the dually.

The floor is spray in bedliner for sound deadening and durability.

I've converted this truck to full fuel injection out of a late model truck. This will give me great mileage and smooth operation. I spent two weeks rebuilding the entire wiring harness for the fuel injection integration to the cab. Every connection is soldered and heat shrunk. Every metal part is powdercoated. I also converted the cab to standard shift specs with clutch pedal for the 4 speed I'm using.

Pictures can't really show the amount of effort expended on this stage. I spend hours building wiring and making the connections, then cover it with looming so it looks orderly.

Progress has been slow because I sold the Dodge and got a different truck to daily drive so I've also been tidying up loose ends on that truck.

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