Saturday, January 30, 2010


Of all the things I have rebuilt or replaced on this truck, the transmission is the original untouched one that came in the truck. After I got the truck going I found out it didn't have 3rd gear. I had wondered why someone would park this truck for dead so many years ago. It hadn't been moved from it's resting spot since 1978 until I got it last fall.

I wound up taking the trans apart and doing a dirty fix to get it operating in all gears. After driving it a few weeks though, it's been weighing on me that while it works now, it's not "right".

So, today at a swap meet I scored a decent looking trans with a real old Hurst shifter on it. I figure to restore and rebuild the trans and shifter and swap it in place of the patched up one I am running now.

I haven't mentioned it, but I have been driving the truck a lot in the last couple of weeks. I've driven it to work, all over Ft Worth, and today to the swap meet at La Grave field. No real emergent issues have popped up yet. Though, there are a few things I need to deal with before I assign it full daily driver status. In the next week or so I am hopefully going to swap front spindles and springs to get the truck to ride better and lower it a bit more in the front and when I do the transmission swap I will replace the throw out bearing too since it's a bit noisy.

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