Thursday, December 3, 2009

Too cold to work in the shop so...

It's way too cold to work in the drafty shop, so I borrowed mama's garage while she's off at work.

I've begun the bed phase of the truck. He is the wood being sanded...

Coating the boards with boiled linseed oil...

This is only half the wood for the bed. I'm doing it in two separate jobs due to small saw horses.


  1. Nice!!
    you are moving right along.
    is it your daily now?

  2. Joe, the engine scattered so I have been busy putting the 327 in the truck. With the way I am, it's been taking time. I've rebuilt the wiring harness, converted to internal regulated alternator, the headlight relay mod, built all new brake lines front to rear.

    I've ordered some custom made mufflers from Brockman. They should be here soon so I can build the exhaust system.