Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Patina: acquired change of a surface through age and exposure

I finally got the other 63 truck after waiting 2 months in title purgatory. Tim's son delivered it yesterday. It's a damn solid truck and will be a good builder. I plan on taking all of the good stuff off of the pink 63 and putting it on this truck. This should be the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to a driver.

Don't let the cockeyed stance from the rotted tires fool you. It's a good 'un !

From the web: Apart from the aesthetic appearance and practical protection of patination, antique experts confirm that an object's value increases when its patination is intact because it is an important effect of the aging process and this evidential history is reflected in the value of the piece.

In my words, an old truck that has obviously earned it's keep over the years is to be respected and cherished.


  1. I like it! Looks solid and straight.
    I'd dismount those skins for ya if I was still local. There's gotta be a local boardmember with access to a tire machine.

  2. Clay, it really is a good truck overall.

    I will likely dismount the old tires with a sawzall. I'm pretty cheap and hate to pay anyone to do it for me. My local county barn right down the street takes up to 4 junk tires a week from any local resident. I usually just take the sawed up pieces to them.

    There is a swap meet this weekend and I am hoping to find some real cheap used tires to put on it.

  3. nice find cant wait to see it in a month or two once you start fix it up