Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots of progress, none of it noticeable

I spent the last few days working my tail off, with no real truck progress to show for it.

First and foremost, I got the new powdercoating oven. This thing is an absolute monster. I had to completely rearrange the whole shop to make a place for it.

I figured I'd take the time to make the shop more efficient and comfortable. I'm the worlds worst about doing something the hard way because I don't want to take the time and organize my area.

Anyway, I now have a big workbench on my shop near the oven. I built it a foot taller than most so I can work comfortably at it without stooping. You can see it next to the oven in one of the pictures above. I also moved my roll away tool box from the old house to my new shop. Those were some long days driving back and forth between the two places. Thank you darling for really pitching in and getting dirty and sore helping me shuttle all of that stuff around.

I mentioned last time that I bought a parts truck a few weeks ago. It is just a 500 dollar beater, that I bought to scavenge from. I have spent the last two weeks taking any part that I could feasibly use in the future off of the truck. Now, this afternoon, I have the junk man scheduled to come and take the hulk away. I can hardly wait. The driveway will be clutter free again.

A buddy of mine that I met on the interwebs is moving from Bedford to Colorado. He came by the station and hooked me up big time with a whole truck bed load of parts that he wanted to be rid of. I got lots of good stuff from him to use on the truck. Furthermore, he is coming to the station tomorrow to give me a set of tires. His old truck has a sweet set of tires on it, but he didn't want to make the road trip, moving all of his stuff, on used tires. So, they are mine for free. Absolute score on my part. Much money saved there.

Next time I post, I should have some good pictures of truck parts to show. I plan to work on getting my wheels clean and powdercoated next.

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog. Pretty cool. I like what you're doing with the new knee-knocker, I've always liked those trucks.
    I hated to toss those tires, glad to have them go to someone that would use them.
    My 68 made it up here just fine, i set the cruise at 65 and took my time.